The history of Abdülhalim Altınel Law Office, dates back to 1955, when it was founded by Abdülhalim Altınel.

Since its foundation, Abdülhalim Altınel Law Office has been dealing mainly in the fields of maritime, stakeholder, criminal, corporate, commercial, finance and real state law and has offered services in areas of foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions and litigation, representing in these capacities numerous commercial companies, ship-owners and others.

Maritime Law

We are one of the leading firms in Turkey on maritime disputes and all aspects of marine work.


Services for stakeholder are provided at our law firm.

Criminal Law

With experience in all facets of criminal law, our firm provides services for all instances that are in accordance with crimes stated in the law numbered 5237.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We act as legal advisors to foreign and Turkish corporations in their commercial activities and all kinds of corporate matters.

Litigation & Commercial Arbitration

Our firm has extensive experience in litigation and commercial arbitration.

Real Estate Transactions

We offer various services in the field of real estate law.

Wills & Probate

We offer legal services for Inheritance Law which is third book of Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721.

Intellectual Property

We provide legal assistance in all kinds of legal and criminal disputes in cooperation with the Trademark Security Officers besides the attorneys when necessary.

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